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Media company gets a new mascot

All The Birds

All The Birds is an independent video production house lead by Dillon Birdsall. Dillon’s unique distinctive perspective and unapologetic humor has lead him down the path of exploring storylines that de-stigmatize sexuality and shed light on mental health in feature-length documentaries like V-Card and the soon to be released, More Than Monogamy.

The Challenge

Tasked with infusing Dillon's humor into a vibrant visual identity, we took inspiration from the exististing representation of All The Birds. Raw and unrefined—the house’s logo was just a simple silhouette of a rubber ducky paired with gothic lettering.

The goal? Create a playful brand reflecting the company’s persona.

The Solution

With film festivals on the horizon, the brand sought maturity and was ready for its next chapter. Leveraging the rubber ducky concept, we evolved it into a mascot logo, imbuing it with retro cartoon inspiration—pie-cut pupils and charming asymmetry. This resulted in a whimsically graphic character, versatile in black and white or a vibrant yellow accent.

The Result

Our crafted logo system comprised a logomark, emblem, and lockup. Extending beyond their film credit sequences, the logo made for great branded merchandise like tees, pins, and hats.


All The Birds
Visual Identity