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Mane Method is a natural haircare brand who aims to create effective and nourishing products that are good for you and the planet.


Mane Method set out to create a natural, small batch product that actually generated the results that many products overpromise.  


Founder, Stella, came to Greater with an idea, a formula, and a goal to create an all natural haircare brand.  She discovered an underused ingredient in the beauty industry with incredible power, batana oil. Introducing a new ingredient and a new product meant she needed to break into the beauty industry with a brand that felt equal parts approachable yet trustworthy.  


We set out to build the brand from ground up: our deliverables brand identity, messaging, packaging design, and website design.

Brand & Packaging

The associations we wanted to convey was that mane method was - backed by science and 100% natural & sustainable.  Messaging included phrases like: No Bad Stuff - formulas crafted with ingredients from nature

We actually began our visual identity exercise with a deep dive into packaging.  If we wanted to create a truly sustainable brand, packaging was going to be a huge part of this equation.  We didn’t want to add another plastic bottle to the landfill. We opted for a tin can and paper carton to ensure the packaging is 100% recyclable.  We even encouraged the company to take on a refill program, where containers could be sent back to the company to clean and refill, creating a closed loop waste management.

Toeing the line between friendly-approachable with a scientific and trustworthy touch, we landed on a vibrant palette, minimalist typography with playful iconography and messaging. The color palette was inspired by the vibrant orange of the core ingredient, the batana nut, and the green of the plant.  The iconography adorned the inside of the box with a playful message.


These same branding elements translate to the website as well. Designing an ecommerce site for Mane Method it was important for us to relay the message that this was an inclusive brand, made for anyone. We used lots of imagery of diverse women, highlighting testimonials, and also speaking to the quality of the ingredients used.  


A brand system that can evolve and grow with her growing line of products. The packaging was designed in a way where we could imagine new products and product lines could be designed making use of the minimalist layout in various bottle types as well as pulling from the expanded color palette to signify different lines of products.


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