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Ville Ferrano

Ville Ferrano is an estate, vacation destination, and farm located just outside the town of San Giovanni d’Asso, Tuscany. Known to be one of the premier wine growing areas in Italy, Ville Ferrano harvests and bottles their own wine and olive oil.

The History

Our collaboration with Ville Ferrano embarked in 2020 as the founders were just stepping into the realm of vacation rentals as a budding family-owned estate. Then, they lacked a brand identity and grappled with a rudimentary website but held a strong vision of establishing a Tuscany vacation desination. Among their aspirations was the ambition to produce olive oil and wine from their farm, a dream realized in 2022 with their inaugural harvests and bottlings.

The Challenge

Post-production milestones, the focus shifted towards selling their prized olive oil and wine, necessitating packaging, labels, and a robust sales platform. Initially selling and gifting their products to guests at their ten properties, the ultimate aim was to foster a global storefront, sharing the taste of Tuscany with a wider audience.

The Solution

We began with crafting packaging, guided by co-founder Patricia's vision and artistry. Drawing from her landscape painting of the estate, we encapsulated the essence of their identity within the labels.

The wine packaging

Bringing the wine to life, "Coppiole" emerged as the chosen name, a tribute to one of their estate properties, Le Coppiole. Symbolizing two twin houses amid vineyards, the term meaning “the little couple” in Italian epitomized the founders' love story—Patricia & Mario. We transformed the painting into a duotoned graphic, colored with the brand's deep wine purple and adding modern cut-out elements that allowed space for the type.

We also designed a wine crate to go along with it, for this we illustrated the architecture of Le Coppiole, and wrapped the illustration around the crate, creating an eye catching crate that would stand apart from the rest in the local wine store.

The olive oil packaging

For the olive oil bottle, we designed the label similarly.  Instead of the deep purple, we used the neutral brand color, using the same painting, type, and color blocking. The two bottles playing off each other beautifully when they share a shelf.

The storefront

In the quest to establish their online presence, intricate global shipping logistics led us to integrate a robust checkout system via Shopify. Curated boxes sold on the storefront allowed Ville Ferrano to share their goods with anyone, anywhere.


Ville Ferrano
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