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Roads to Success is dedicated to nurturing the potential of New York City's youth through mentorship, skills training, college preparation, and professional work experiences.

Empowering the organization

Roads to Success initially developed their website on Flipcause and enlisted the assistance of an external agency for subsequent updates. Consequently, any desired changes required coordination through this intermediary.

Greater has since introduced the organization to Webflow, facilitating a phased migration approach. This strategic move empowers the internal teams at Roads to Success, enabling them to autonomously make timely updates to their website as required.

Branding: Improving the visual library

Roads to Success expressed interest in conducting a brand sprint; however, certain constraints were identified:

  • No logo changes allowed: The organization faced limitations in altering its logo due to external costs associated with rebranding. This encompassed expenses related to reprinting uniforms, merchandise, and physical collateral. As a result, the focus of the brand sprint was directed towards elements beyond the logo.
  • No new photography assets: A restriction was placed on acquiring new photography assets. The organization lacked the resources to hire photographers and videographers for events and other activities. Current content capture relied on the use of existing cameras and phones wielded by on-site individuals during events.

Despite these limitations, our proposed branding concept embraced a scrapbook aesthetic inspired by childhood memories. The style involved transforming existing images into organic cutouts, complemented by additional visual elements that surrounded them. This approach aimed to infuse a nostalgic and visually engaging quality into the brand without necessitating changes to the existing logo or incurring additional photography costs.

Operationalizing the design aesthetic

The existing design workflow within the organization follows a partially top-down approach. As work transitions from the central office to managed sites where programs are activated, Program Managers and Directors enjoy a degree of freedom to generate new assets as required.

Our recommendation is to enhance and refine this workflow. We propose the implementation of a comprehensive design system, complete with an assets library. This systematic approach aims to streamline the creation of marketing collateral, thereby fostering greater consistency in Roads to Success' brand aesthetic.

The subsequent phase involves instructing and educating the Marketing department on autonomously building these design elements. We plan to provide comprehensive support during this process, ensuring the team is equipped to construct and maintain the initial asset library. This strategic move not only empowers the team to independently craft assets but also lays the foundation for sustained brand coherence within Roads to Success.

Updating homepage and messaging

Though our ability to share details publicly is currently restricted, we have successfully implemented the new brand aesthetic on the organization's homepage. Our ongoing collaboration with the client involves extending these updates to other pages of their website. We remain committed to ensuring a cohesive and impactful representation of the brand across all facets of their online presence. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to enhance and refine Roads to Success' digital identity.


Greater is an irreplaceable extension of our team and has been an integral part of our current new trajectory of brand recognition. The team has graciously, with exceptional thought, design, and strategic conceptualization, elevated the essence of digital marketing for Roads to Success. We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the entire team and trust they will continue to position us to remain on the forefront, which will continue to help us significantly increase our media presence in all spaces. I would highly endorse, and recommend Greater!
Sheila Duke
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