Demystifying Financial Tech

Content Creation

Bond is a financial technology company with a mission to democratize financial services. Focused on underserved underserved or unserved communities by today’s financial systems, Bond’s embedded finance platform seamlessly integrates into diverse business experiences.

The Challenge: Illuminating the Abstract

Since 2020, our collaboration with Bond has aimed to expand their brand and uphold their digital presence through their site, messaging, and artwork. However, visualizing Bond's intricate technology, primarily catering to B2B enterprises, posed a unique challenge.

The brief for this video project was to translate abstract concepts into tangible visual narratives. Questions arose: How do we illustrate an API connection or convey the impact of a whitelabeled service?

Our Solution: The Power of Visual Storytelling

If images speak a thousand words, videos articulate ten thousand. Thus, we embarked on crafting a series of videos to demystify the products complexity and animate the innovation inherent in Bond's technology.

The Story

Consider a SASS company wishing to launch a custom card service for its customers, offering branded credit cards, online account access, and rewards. Implementing this for a smaller enterprise involves intricate integrations, custom tools, and front end app development. Yet, with Bond, these intricate layers are pre-built and seamlessly integrate, empowering the company to issue cards and manage operations effortlessly, all through Bond's platform.

Visualizing the Vision

Employing our established illustration style, we brought this narrative to life, showcasing Bond's multifaceted capabilities. The video navigated through abstract planetary references, portraying Bond at the center of a universe of financial possibilities. Renderings of the Bond portal and platform further exemplified the seamless integration and helped visualized how it worked.  

The Result: Impact in Motion

This initiative culminated in a series of impactful videos deployed across various funnels. The full  video was used during conferences and the marketing site, showcasing the full spectrum of Bond's functionalities. Shorter, targeted videos focused on specific features, like the Embedded App and Bond's Portal, and became key assets for social marketing.

Watch the final video here

The same video branched off into another series, tailored as whitelabeled content for targeted sales leads. These bespoke videos personalized the sales journey, offering a visualization of how the Bond experience would integrate with each unique brand & company. The video's influence extended to inspiring a custom landing page dedicated to the embedded app, swiftly brought to life on their Webflow site.

This video series not only amplified Bond's reach but also personalized the sales experience, making Bon’d missions clear, financial technology accessible and relatable across diverse business landscapes.


Working with Greater has been an invaluable experience. From our startup phase to fast growth, and eventual acquisition, their design expertise played a pivotal role in shaping our brand identity. The team consistently delivered innovative and tailored solutions, aligning with our evolving needs. Their collaborative approach and commitment to quality made Greater an integral part of our team."
Emily Novosel
Head of Marketing
Art Direction
Video Production
Motion Graphics
Business Strategy