Celebrating Milestones

Content Creation

Monarch Alternative Capital is a powerhouse in the global credit investment realm, managing an impressive $12.7 billion portfolio. With a legacy spanning over three decades, Monarch has strategically invested across diverse market segments, from corporate ventures to real estate, structured credit, government debt, and special situations, consistently delivering results for its clients.


Monarch approached Greater with an exciting mission—to celebrate a significant milestone. Having reached a remarkable 100 employees, Monarch envisioned a video that not only celebrated this achievement but also showcased the extraordinary team that defines the core of their uniqueness.


Our team embarked on producing an on-site shoot at Monarch's New York City offices, capturing the heartbeat of the company through the lens of its dedicated team members. Against the backdrop of scenic locations within the office, each team member shared insights on their Monarch journey, responding to thought-provoking questions that ranged from personal growth to cherished memories.

In alignment with Monarch's brand guidelines, we expertly crafted a branded video that seamlessly wove together each of the diverse perspectives we interviewed. The final product not only highlighted the collective achievements and spirit of Monarch but also encapsulated the individual stories that make the company thrive.

The result

The resulting video resonated well with the company, serving a multitude of purposes. It took center stage at the Annual Meeting for Investors, captivating audiences and reinforcing Monarch's standing. A customized version found its home on the marketing site, becoming a feature on the about page. Internally, a special version, complete with a delightful blooper reel, circulated to celebrate their achievements and bid farewell to the year on a cheerful note.


Video Production