Financial education through dynamic video

We storyboarded, designed, and animated financial education videos for the BIPOC community.

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December 2022
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I couldn’t ask for better partners. Greater functions like an extension of our team and is equally invested in our mission to improve the lives of the underserved. The combination of design excellence, brand knowledge, and startup growth hacking skill have made the Greater team invaluable to us. They are the ultimate player-coaches.

We were so energized from the start of this project because we understood that there was no creative ceiling when it comes to explainer video formats. We had so much fun crafting the collage style and bringing our illustrations to life with motion and music. We have heard great responses from the client and their users - we are really happy with how this series turned out and looking forward to continue to add to it.

For Profit
Motion Graphics

The Problem

Many of the financial literacy tools that currently exist are dry, drawn-out and often times explain financial concepts in sweeping generalizations that only speak to a subset of the American population, the white upper middle class male.  Yemi, OfColor’s founder, wanted to change that.  When approached by Met Life to create co-branded content for their platform, he knew this was a great opportunity to approach educational videos differently.

The challenge…create engaging, entertaining educational content that speaks to the BIPOC community they are serving?

The Solution

Working with the copywriting team at OfColor, we helped conceptualize scripts that not only speak the language of their community but also gave real life examples that actually were relevant in their lives. Our goal was to create engaging videos that felt lively in their visualization, voice, and tone; while also representing the people that looked like our end audience.

We landed on animating these scripts with a highly graphic, collage animation style that felt fresh and on brand opposed to clip art drawings and powerpoint graphs that fill many videos in this sector. Visual themes in the videos included large oversized text, layered textures, cut out imagery, and bold graphics.

A Preview

Here's a short peek of one of our videos to showcase the audio & sound design.

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