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We brought clarity and humanity to Bond’s marketing site.

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December 2022
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For a startup like us that markets to enterprise customers, Greater knows how to make us look professional without looking stuffy. Their speed to produce new materials allows us to iterate and learn much more quickly than I have experienced in the past with other agencies... They’ve helped us iterate our entire website three separate times (and counting) in the past 9 months, each time making it look better and better.

This was a quick one. We were able to fully redesign, build assets, and launch this site within a two week time period. It was fast-paced but exciting to see how much more the brand could evolve when we improved how its story was being communicated.

For Profit
Design System
Motion Graphics
User Experience
Web Design

We worked closely with the marketing team at Bond to improve their messaging and brand assets to communicate a clearer picture of who and how Bond can help. By producing more audience-centric copy and visual elements that connected to those audiences, we moved Bond’s brand from communication that was obscure and generic to language that was punchy and action-oriented.

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