Center for Architecture

10th anniversary of archtober

We crafted a brand identity and developed a Wordpress site, inspired by the years prior.

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December 2022
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2020 was a crazy year. We heard from the Center for Architecture that we won the RFP and then two weeks later the world went into lock down. But, 2020 was an important year for Archtober, the annual architecture and design festival here in NYC, because it was their 10th anniversary. We had a blast going through the past designs and sites in order to create engaging and striking visuals that pulled elements from those previous years.

Supporting the Arts
Architecture & Design
Web Design

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the project quickly evolved to help redefine what the festival could be in the age of lockdowns & social distancing.

The original concept, expanding the existing 2-dimensional branding to a 3-dimensional city made of stacked “building blocks” proved to be even more relevant than ever, when physical events were transitioned into virtual. 

We wanted the identity and the site to feel playful, joyful, and vibrant.  So we expanded the palette and boldly used color to help navigate the user through the month long calendar.  We also introduced small characters and animations to help bring the virtual cityscapes to life. 

Archtober attendees range from children to the elderly so the site was designed with the user in mind, making the experience intuitive and enjoyable, while also keeping ADA compliance throughout.

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