Walking around Whole Foods, a new product caught my eye. Whole Foods is a brilliantly marketed company that tells an incredible story about how you can feel healthier. As Seth Godin points out, if you believe a story, that story becomes true. If you believe that you will be feel healthier, then you will in fact feel healthier, regardless of whether Whole Foods is actually healthier.

BluePrintJuice LineUp

Picture from Whole Foods website.

Whole Foods has an enormous selection of strange and exotic drinks in a refrigerated isle. The other day, one in particular jumped out at me. It was a line of juices from Blue Print. The juices are all natural, raw, and organic. The packaging is simple, and emphasizes the colorfulness of the juice itself. After sitting for a while on the shelf, the juice actually starts to separate, which adds to it’s overall feel of being “raw”. The juices are simply named after the ingredients inside. A bit of reading on the label reveals that the juices are “cold pressed”, never cooked. Apparently heat kills vitamins and enzymes.

In short, Blue Print has pulled together a great story. Most people don’t think that they have a juice problem, so Blue Print has created one. It is likely that at some point in the production of the juice you drink, it got hot. Blue Print tells a story about being healthier, and being smarter.

But, the thing that really got my attention was the price of the juice. It was enormously more expensive than any juice I’d ever seen. The most expensive one on the shelf was $10.99. That comes out to $0.687 per ounce. For comparison, you could get a large jug of Simply Orange Juice for about $4.00. At 59oz, that comes out to $0.068 per ounce. So, Blue Print is about 10x as expensive as one of the more expensive juices you normally find at a grocery store. Even when comparing it to the other expensive juices nearby, Blue Print was clearly the most expensive by quite a bit.

Blue Print has made a bold move by pricing their product the way that they have. For many people, they’ve clearly priced themselves out of consideration. But, I think that their pricing fits in with their overall story. They aren’t telling a story to everyone. They have a high end product, and they’ve decided to tell their story to people that care about health and raw food. The type of people that think the price is ridiculous aren’t the target market of this brand. The higher prices may even lend a sense of legitimacy to their claims that Blue Print is healthier than other options.

Looks to me like Blue Print has found a way to stand out. If they were to lower their prices, they’d just be one more juice.

Check out their website (which is very well designed, by the way): www.blueprintjuice.com

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