I only use top navigation, so everyone else does too.

Joe Smith

Blue is my favorite color, so I design everything with blue.

Jane Doe

It’s easy to think like yourself. Design things the way you like them. Arrange your layouts the way you prefer. Make promotions that you’d respond to.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like you.

Liza from the ApprenticeRemember in the Apprentice when the team has to organize gift bags to hand out after the golf tournament? The team has Liza, a former pro-golfer, which is a huge asset in this setting. Liza insists that everyone will want high-end golf clubs. Makes sense, right?

Liza fails to understand her audience and assumes they’ll want the same things she does. At the end of the night, most guests don’t seem to care about their clubs. Some even leave them behind. Turns out rich people are not incentivized by this type of prize.

Take a moment to consider what your audience wants. Test your ads, try different things, ask your audience what they like, keep an open mind. You never know what you’ll find out.

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