Today we want to highlight a nice bit of non-profit marketing from one of our favorite organizations, International Justice Mission (IJM).

IJM is a legal organization focused on bringing justice to the poor. For example, they do a lot of work with sex trafficking in third world countries. They’ll send under cover investigators to infiltrate the groups doing the trafficking, gather data, and use that to prosecute those involved. They believe that one of the reasons people exploit the poor is that there are no consequences. By holding guilty parties responsible, they help victims escape abuse, help countries deal with internal problems, and show that it is in fact possible to achieve justice for the poor.

We simply can’t say enough good things about the work that IJM does. Reading the stories they share always moves us to tears.

Since we support IJM, we receive their mailings. We recently received one that we were particularly impressed with. Non-profits like IJM have incredible stories. The challenge is sharing those stories, particularly with the people that might make donations.

IJM’s recent mailer is a series of post cards. On one side is a picture of people involved in the organization. Some of them are case workers and some are rescued victims. The photos aren’t particularly artistic or noteworthy. They are simple and seemingly candid.

International Justice Mission Note

The other side is what really makes the mailer shine though. Each postcard is a reproduction of a hand-written note from someone involved with the picture on the other side. The notes are very personal and real. Most importantly, they bring things that are geographically far away close to home. Showing the work that a non-profit is doing can be challenging, but IJM knocks it out of the park here.

If you are a non-profit, consider how you can add a personal feel to your marketing. It might help potential donors understand, and more importantly feel your story.

IJM, keep up the amazing work you are doing, and keep up the great marketing!

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