I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce that the Creative Intelligence website is now live. We’ve been working with Maryanne and the rest of her team for the last few months. Over that time we’ve designed a new logo, letterhead, business cards, and now a new website. Maryanne runs a fantastic consulting firm specializing in small businesses. She and her team are great at what they do, but found that their out dated design was holding them back.¬†

Maryanne was a pleasure to work with. She told me all about her organization and her vision for the redesign, but deferred to my team’s expertise to carry out the design. Everyone who worked on the project is enormously proud of the outcome.

The website was created in WordPress, a content management system that makes it easy for users to edit and update their own site. One of the most important things for me in starting Greater Studio was to give clients finished products that they can work with themselves. Many of our clients are small businesses with limited marketing budgets. The last thing they need is to have their site held hostage by a web design company with an expensive hourly rate.

“I highly recommend Greater Studio if you are looking for creative web designs and quality work. Jacob did a wonderful job of taking my vague concept and turning it into a website that is unique to my consulting business and easy for viewers to navigate.” – Maryanne¬†Wanca-Thibault

Greater Studio designed the logo and website. Text was written by Creative Intelligence, and photos are stock photography.

website1 website3 website2


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  1. Kynley Wallace

    Feels like we just started working with this client and started working on their branding and website- what a great client and an awesome project. It is awesome to see it go live.


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