Is Your Marketing Off Target?

Not Everyone Thinks Like You Do

I only use top navigation, so everyone else does too.

Joe Smith

Blue is my favorite color, so I design everything with blue.

Jane Doe

It’s easy to think like yourself. Design things the way you like them. Arrange your layouts the way you prefer. Make promotions that you’d respond to.

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like you.

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International Justice Mission Mailer

Marketing We Love / International Justice Mission Mailer

Today we want to highlight a nice bit of non-profit marketing from one of our favorite organizations, International Justice Mission (IJM).

IJM is a legal organization focused on bringing justice to the poor. For example, they do a lot of work with sex trafficking in third world countries. They’ll send under cover investigators to infiltrate the groups doing the trafficking, gather data, and use that to prosecute those involved. They believe that one of the reasons people exploit the poor is that there are no consequences. By holding guilty parties responsible, they help victims escape abuse, help countries deal with internal problems, and show that it is in fact possible to achieve justice for the poor.

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Blue Print Juice

What Story Does Blue Print Juice Tell?

Walking around Whole Foods, a new product caught my eye. Whole Foods is a brilliantly marketed company that tells an incredible story about how you can feel healthier. As Seth Godin points out, if you believe a story, that story becomes true. If you believe that you will be feel healthier, then you will in fact feel healthier, regardless of whether Whole Foods is actually healthier.

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