Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hipster Branding. Trends in Logo Design.

When people talk about style trends, they are usually referring to fashion. One year is it cool to wear neon colors the next year it is not… at all. Trends exist almost anytime you are dealing with any creative field and graphic design and marketing are not immune. Unlike fashion though design, especially logo design, tends to stick around for a lot longer than design trends do. It is not wise nor economical- to redesign your logo with every trend.

It’s important to understand when you are dealing with design for logos and branding, you want your logo to be able to stand the test of time. That being said you don’t have to make your logo stiff, boring, and bland in order for it to be timeless. Great design is able to find and use the gems from the current trends and combine that with classic design staples to create a truly timeless logo that looks up-to-date but not trendy.

Speaking about timeless versus trendy – there is a great designer who takes well-known brands and plunges them into the very trendy ‘hipster style.’  Read More

Creative Intelligence Site Is Live

I can’t tell you how excited I am to announce that the Creative Intelligence website is now live. We’ve been working with Maryanne and the rest of her team for the last few months. Over that time we’ve designed a new logo, letterhead, business cards, and now a new website. Maryanne runs a fantastic consulting firm specializing in small businesses. She and her team are great at what they do, but found that their out dated design was holding them back.  Read More

Eclectic Business Cards

I love gathering inspiration through amazing design work- if I’m not careful I can get stuck in a rut doing the same type of design over and over.

These business cards are unique and eclectic. I love the mix of the modern fonts and strong boards with the unpredictable vintage style of the wax seal. It is that mixture that gives the cards a strong personality. Truth be told they may not be the most economical business cards and the style may not be suitable for many industries- but they offer an unforgettable presence. Read More